Beer and baseball, it’s a natural!

When you look back at brewing history in America it seems beer and base­ball have gone together like barley and hops. Several local brew­eries bought their own base­ball teams or started one. One of our now defunct brew­eries was named Royal and it was alleged to have spon­sored a base­ball team named the Royals sixty years before our current team.

Our current trivia ques­tion deals with the Muehlebach brewing family who spon­sored a local team named the Muehlebach Pilsners on which George E., son of the founder George Muehlebach, played first base. They played on a weedy field at 17th and Wyandotte.

In 1917, George E. con­tin­ued his father’s involve­ment with local base­ball, only on a much larger scale. … he pur­chased the local base­ball fran­chise, the minor league Kansas City Blues, a member of the American Association. This team, which the brewery would own through 1932, would win the Association’s pen­nants in 1927 and 1929. For $500,000, George E. also pur­chased the old American Association base­ball field at 22nd and Brooklyn, renam­ing it Muehlebach Field. A new ball­park was built at this site and opened in time for the 1923 season, during which, the Kansas City Blues set an American Association home atten­dance record of 450,000. The success of this team nour­ished another dream of George E., which was for Kansas City to obtain a major league fran­chise. Unfortunately this dream would not mate­ri­al­ize until the arrival of the Kansas city A’s in 1955, the same year George E. passed away. Later, Muehlebach Field would become, as most of us remem­ber it, Kansas City’s Municipal Stadium.

Muehlebach Field

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