What’s a tour without a few stops?

Tour de Brew KC is thrilled to have these won­der­ful rest stops to fill your tummy and start the party! The first stop will be at Boulevard Brewing Company with Women On Wheels as your hosts. Since WOW are cyclists, they know what you like. We’re sure they will WOW you with their rest stop goodies!

The 30 mile group will fly off to McCoy’s Public House in Westport for a small sample of their brews and some more goodies to keep you on your way. Then we stop at SPIN! Pizza for some deli­cious, cold gelato! BikeSource will be there to keep your bike rolling. The next stop will be with our friends at Family Bicycles! Check out the shop and claim some more snacks for the longer span of miles ahead.

Those who are going 60 miles will be taking Gregory to Blue River Road with a detour at the his­toric Trailside Center at 99th and Holmes. Not only does the Center have stories from the Santa Fe, Oregon and California trails but it will welcome you with treats from Whole Foods Market! After that, you will be on to Martin City Brewing Company for a few samples of their wares to keep you hopped up for the ride back to Family Bicycles—those gra­cious people who are TWICE hosting us!

After that it’s all downhill—to Knuckleheads and the giant end party! There you can pick your lunch from the likes of Knuckleheads, Wilma’s Real Good Food and the Tamale Wizard and wash it down with Boulevard Beer! Don’t forget to sign up before May 6 to receive ALL the good stuff! Register here.

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