Sponsor the Tour de Brew Kansas City!

Tour de Brew KC gets your busi­ness in front of
thou­sands of people!

Tour de Brew KC 13 sponsorship brochureThis tour, marketed to thou­sands in the Kansas City region, will attract more than 1200 riders and par­tic­i­pants from the region and around the country.

This is an excel­lent mar­ket­ing oppor­tu­nity for your busi­ness that also ben­e­fits bicy­cling, walking, safety edu­ca­tion and tourism in Kansas City. With your gen­er­ous spon­sor­ship we offer your company a unique mar­ket­ing oppor­tu­nity to promote your company to a very desir­able audi­ence.

Why sponsor the Tour de Brew KC?

According to the National Sporting Goods Association, “There are more bicy­clists in the U.S. than skiers, golfers, and tennis players com­bined. In addi­tion 41% of bicy­clists have a house­hold income of $40,000 to $79,000 and 24% have a house­hold income of $80,000 or more.”

Just think of what the bicy­clists can do for your business!