The “brewing” of Tour de Brew KC

Bicycle riding gives a person’s mind a chance to wander. And, wander mine does, to things like how to get more people on bikes, jersey designs, Holland, bike lanes, history, break­fast and where and when is the next beer.

After many such rides, I noticed that others were think­ing some of the same things usually about food and brewed drinks, caf­feine and beer being high on the list for most cyclists that I know.

A couple years ago I saw that beer fes­ti­vals were becom­ing popular in our fair city. I thought, “Wow, wouldn’t it be great to have a bike ride that ends at a beer fes­ti­val? It’s a natural!” So I spoke to a couple orga­niz­ers of the brew fest and asked them if they knew that bikes and beer go together. They said, “No.”

“Well,” I thought, “this idea might have legs. Who could I draft to look at it with me?” I thought of Ron Puett, ace bike ride planner and left brain man for KC Bicycle Club.

About that time we found out about the fab­u­lous stories of KC’s brewing history that include gang­sters, Boss Pendergast, immi­grants, wealthy family dynas­ties and other dream­ers. We learned about the impor­tance of ice before refrig­er­a­tion, why brew­eries are near rail­roads, and inno­va­tions that took brew­eries from being local to national dis­tri­b­u­tion. What did brewery barons do for fun? They built amuse­ment parks with rail lines to bring the crowds and they played and sup­ported base­ball.

Ron and I had been working on pro­mot­ing local bicy­cling and walking and wanted KC to catch up with cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland and even Omaha. We wanted to keep the money in the com­mu­nity and use it to promote activ­i­ties that keep us healthy. We wanted to feature local busi­nesses. To that end we chose BikeWalkKC as our ben­e­fi­ciary and we have many local busi­nesses involved in Tour de Brew KC.

So we saddled up for the wild ride of Tour de Brew KC and we con­tinue to think up more ideas to keep it inter­est­ing and more fun!

The Tour de Brew KC Team

chipman design & marketing, laurie chipmanLaurie Chipman—Chipman Design & Marketing, Inc.
Idea Mastermind and Woman of Action
Brand wizard
Art Director/Graphic Designer
Marketing, Social Media, Writing, Web Site
Bicycling Geek


Ron Puett—Business Consultant
Numbers Guru
Business Strategist
Super-Manager of Bike Ride Events

Eric Rogers—BikeWalkKC
Web Wizard, Consulting

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