Want the world’s best mug?

It’s yours if you are a Team Captain and bring a team of 10 or more to the Tour de Brew KC. The mug is 25 ounces!

Tour de Brew KC mug

That’s big enough to share a beer with a friend but not quite big enough to feed a monk during lent. German monks would drink up to 5 liters a day!

Three hundred or four hundred years ago, a group of Paulaner monks in Bavaria …started making a stronger beer, a double beer, called dop­pel­bock,” Sorensen said. “The story goes the monks would give up eating and lit­er­ally would drink this ‘liquid bread’ to sustain them through their Lenten fast.”—CNN

Here’s a story about an Iowa man who decided to live like a monk for lent in 2011—beer every day for 46 days!

Hooray for teams! Here’s our list of teams and their (unof­fi­cial) status. There’s still time to fill out your team and get a tankard. Register now!

Hilltamers 11!

The Short Bikes 8

Good Time Gang 8

Gastinger Walker Harden + BeeTriplett Buck 6

Dill’s Gills 5

Just stop­ping for one 5

Team Burns & Mac 5

Cancer Hammers 4

Flying Fredricksons 4

Brookridge 4

3 team members—Here Kid, Hold My Beer, Team Beer, Jane’s Posers, Beer Bears, Bike Stop

2 team members—UnderPressure, Andrews McMeel Universal, 3 Abreast, Pink Foxes, Cycling Buddies, Midtown’s Best

1 team members—Dread Pirates, Team Xanon, Rob the Realtor, SixPackShuffle, Helix, RIM Riders, LocalCycling